Why Smart Teleconsultations are the need of the hour and Proactive Patient care the future!

Healthcare has always been critical of technology. Slow to embrace, slow to adopt but once when health merges with tech as we have witnessed most times, the possibilities it brought out were endless. 

In the most critical months of 2020, when COVID-19 challenged cultural norms, including the way patients perceived and received care, Telehealth proved to be a savior for both patients and hospitals alike. 

What was once thought to be too idealistic became the new normal! 

The internet saw a surge in the active searches for Teleconsultations. 

There were a handful of online discovery platforms trying to list doctors to connect to patients. 

On a broader spectrum, hospitals and clinics were seeking ways to build their practice online, so far as to set up even their own virtual clinic rooms.

With the recent telemedicine guidelines listed by the government, the industry as a whole converged to accept and welcome the future of healthcare delivery – Telehealth that it is! 

But the elusive questions remain. Will Telehealth work like it promises to be so? What is the crucial missing piece that will really make Telehealth the future of healthcare delivery? 

Answer: Smart Teleconsultations.

What do we mean by Smart Teleconsultations?

Answer in a few words:  Patients “know” their Doctors. Doctors “really know” their patients. 

If there is one thing that existing telehealth platforms aim to change, it is to make the patient-doctor relationship transactional. 

You have a problem. You can choose a doctor from the many doctors listed. 

But does healthcare work that way?

Care comes from a place of trust. Can technology replace trust? 

It can only augment trust. 

The patient would always want to consult doctors whom they know and trust. 

So much so that surrendering themselves to a position of trust even half cures the ailment. 

How far does the second statement hold true? “Doctors really know their patients.”

Doctors must really know their patients to the extent that the care providers should alert their health seekers even before the onset of a particular condition. 

In other words, tracking patients’ health in real-time and consulting them proactively. 

Isn’t this the essence of Telemedicine? The key to a good telemedicine approach—Proactive Patient Care is what we call it!  

But when do these Smart Teleconsultations and Proactive Patient care happen?

It is not about when it is happening because it is happening now. 

The question should be, how does it happen?

That is the purpose of this Blog. To introduce you to our doctor-centric QurPro app for smart teleconsultations and proactive patient care solutions. 

Remember, unlike other telehealth platforms, we are not a doctor-marketing platform. We don’t list doctors for patients to choose from. We help retain your patients, to help build your ‘own’ online practice.

Do you know QurPro, with its smart teleconsultation features and proactive patient care solutions, improves patient retention by 200%?

Set up your own Teleconsulting Practice!

Don’t lose your patients in the New Normal. Retain your health customers with QurPro Smart Teleconsultation and Proactive Patient-care Solutions.

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