The Rise and Rise of Telemedicine

A 360° Review

Webinar with Healthcare Experts | 1600 to 1830 Hours | Friday, 11th December, 2020

Webinar Overview

The pandemic has certainly fuelled the telemedicine movement. Both health seekers and patients who want to manage their symptoms look to access telemedicine with their trusted physicians in safe and convenient ways. On the other side, Doctors and care-providers have realized the telemedicine-advantages of time and location independence, better management of patient data, and preventive care, among others. With the regulations taking a favorable turn, healthcare organizations seek new technology allies and partnerships to provide an integrated care platform to their patients, with telemedicine complimenting their traditional healthcare delivery.

But what inherent factors should care-providers consider when they choose the right telemedicine partner? How to implement telemedicine suited to their healthcare organizations and reach out to the patient base faster than ever? The increasing relevance and business implications of mobile consultations—‘consult on the go’ in the telehealth landscape, will be covered in this exciting virtual event.

Join us for a webinar on ‘The rise and rise of Telemedicine–a 360-degree review,’ hosted by QurHealth, a Chennai-based Healthcare IT Research and Innovation Center for Ventech Solutions, USA. Our recent series of webinars saw thousands of delegates promoting active discussion on the use-cases and present and future prospects of healthcare delivery.

Panel Members

“Fuelling Telemedicine in India – Efforts of TSI and Valiant Others”

team- (2)

Dr. Murthy Remilla

Head Project Management & Budget Division, Human Space Flight Group (HSG), U R Rao Satellite Centre, Indian Space Research Organization, Bengaluru

Honorary Secretary, Telemedicine Society of India

“Telemedicine Registry – A Guide to Choose Your Telemedicine Provider”

team- (3)

Dr. Uma Nambiar

Executive Director GIMCARE Hospital, Kannur, Kerala

Co-Founder & Chairperson Digital Health India Associates (DHIA)

Vice President – Telemedicine Society of India, Kerala State Chapter

“FHB Suite – An Introduction”

team- (4)

Dr. Jayashree Bhat

Consultant, Clinical Excellence in AI, QurHealth Solutions India

Consultant Ophthalmologist & Founder – Eyedentity, Bengaluru

“QurHealth – Saving Lives, Super Proactive”

team- (5)

Ravi Kunduru

Founder & CEO – Ventech Solutions, USA

“Telemedicine – Networking Good Health”

team- (6)

Dr. Alexander Thomas

President, Association of Healthcare Providers India

“Mobile Phones and Telehealth – The Future is now!”

team- (7)

Prof. Richard Mammone

Innovator | Author | AI Specialist

Professor, Rutgers Business School

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rutgers University, New Jersey

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Mr. Rajarajan S

Senior Vice President – Partnerships & Clinical Workflow Strategies, QurHealth

This virtual event will focus on the upsurge of Telemedicine, holistic review and fresh perspectives on implementing Telemedicine upon traditional healthcare approaches.

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