Smart Telemedicine App for Doctors

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  • Provide Proactive Patient-care solutions
  • HIPAA Compliant and FISMA ‘Moderate’ Application
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QurPro is a doctor-centric, HIPAA compliant, smart teleconsultations app that improves patient retention by almost 200%
HIPAA compliant App for Doctors

Smart Teleconsultation and Proactive Patient-care Solutions

Build your online practice through Smart Teleconsultation and Proactive Patient-care Solutions designed for Doctors/Hospitals. QurPro is a flagship product of QurHealth India, a subsidiary of Ventech Solutions, managing 800,000 healthcare providers in the US.

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  • Doctor-centric digital transformation solution designed for your hospital/clinic
  • Video/audio calls and post-consulting chat service
  • Easy appointment scheduling and Digitized Health Records
  • Schedule and track follow-up consultations with automated reminders
  • Securely access medical records and track patients’ vitals real-time
  • Integrated payment gateway with timely payouts
  • Integrate customized Telehealth offering into your current website
  • Onboard and manage Hospital Doctors at ease
  • Dedicated email/ on-call assistance for quick support
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Don’t lose your patients in the New Normal. Retain your health customers with QurPro Smart Teleconsultation and Proactive Patient-care Solutions.