Worried about Patients moving to online discovery platforms?

Time to set up your own Telemedicine Platform!

  • Download QurPro App for Hospitals
  • Integrate Telehealth software in your hospital website
  • Provide Teleconsultations & Proactive Patient-care Solutions
  • Instant & Secure Access to Patient Health Records & Health Vitals
  • HIPAA Compliant and FISMA ‘Moderate’ Application
Just fill out the form. Our Digital Transformation Expert will help your hospital on board and set up your telemedicine practice.
Easy to Manage. Easy to Scale!

QurPro offers Hospitals a feature-rich, easy-to-use Virtual Clinic Room

QurPro is a hospital-friendly, HIPAA compliant, smart telemedicine platform that improves patient retention by almost 200%.
HIPAA compliant App for Doctors & Hospitals

Smart Teleconsultation and Proactive Patient-care Solutions

First fully integrated Virtual clinic room. Now Hospitals can reach out to their patients virtually through QurPro smart Teleconsultations and Proactive Patient-care Solutions. QurPro is a flagship product of QurHealth India, a subsidiary of Ventech Solutions, managing 800,000 healthcare providers in the US.

Set up Virtual Clinic Room

Start Teleconsulting – Deliver Proactive Patient Care

  • Provider-centric digital transformation solution designed for your hospital/clinic
  • Video/audio calls and post-consulting chat service
  • Easy appointment scheduling and Digitized Health Records
  • Schedule and track follow-up consultations with automated reminders
  • Securely access medical records and track patients’ vitals real-time
  • Integrated payment gateway with timely payouts
  • Integrate customized Telehealth offering into your current website
  • Onboard and manage Hospital Doctors at ease
  • Dedicated email/ on-call assistance for quick support
Set up your own Telemedicine Platform.

Don’t lose your patients in the New Normal. Retain your health customers with QurPro Smart Teleconsultation and Proactive Patient-care Solutions.