Are Patients going to choose Doctors like how they would select restaurants in a food app?

Or would they resort to ‘known’ Doctors from the neighborhood? 

This question is increasingly debated, especially after the pandemic. People have tasted the benefits of Teleconsultation. At least the doubts and fear of consulting online have withered away. 

But existing online discovery platforms are patient-centric. In a sense, you, the doctor, will be listed for patients to choose from. Slowly this turns into listing for money. Sponsored is what they call it. To simply put, if one pays, they can get a prominent listing even ahead of experienced professionals

We have come across this advertisement model before, isn’t it? This has become the go-to model on the Internet. And we have to wait and see how far this would have positive/negative consequences in the healthcare setting. 

But this blog isn’t this about whether this model works?

Let’s revisit our second question again?

Would Patients resort to ‘known’ Doctors from the neighborhood?

Our Answer: Why wouldn’t they? Unless the neighborhood doctor doesn’t have the facility and comfort that the patient expects and requires.

Let’s talk about this facility and comfort.

The pandemic has made the patients think twice about visiting hospitals. 

Especially the waiting times in the lobby are increasingly seen as discomforts.

People don’t want to visit the hospital for post-consultation. They want to chat with their doctor to make sure everything goes as prescribed. 

Talking about prescriptions, the patient is tired of losing their medical files. Now she expects the doctors to send prescriptions over the phone. 

And these expectations don’t end; the pandemic has completely changed the outlook of a health seeker.

He/she has become proactive. 

The health seeker now believes if technology can keep his doctor close, he can well stay away from the deadly disease. 

But aren’t these facilities and comfort too much to expect from an individual practitioner?

It shouldn’t be. In fact, if you ask a health practitioner who knows about QurPro, they would say it is quite the opposite. 

QurPro from the first has made it clear. 

We are not patient-centric. We are doctor-centric.

We don’t list doctors for money. At the same time, we cut the patient-queues with our appointment scheduling and smart teleconsultation solutions.

Wait a second. Why do we keep saying smart teleconsultations? 

Let’s get this straight. 

There is more to just engaging in audio/video calls and sending them e-Prescriptions.

The crux of smart Teleconsultation is this:

That patients ‘know’ their doctors and doctors ‘really know’ their patients.



If there is one thing that existing telehealth platforms aim to change, it is to make the patient-doctor relationship transactional. 

You have a problem. You can choose a doctor from the many doctors listed. 

But does healthcare work that way?

Care comes from a place of trust. Can technology replace trust? 

It can only augment trust. 

The patient would always want to consult doctors whom they know and trust. 

So much so that surrendering themselves to a position of trust even half cures the ailment. 

How far does the second statement hold true? “Doctors really know their patients.”

Doctors must really know their patients to the extent that the care providers should alert their health seekers even before the onset of a particular condition. 

In other words, tracking patients’ health in real-time and consulting them proactively. 

So now tell me…

Would patients book unknown doctors in a health app?


Would they approach Doctors who not just know them but proactively cares for them!


Set up your own Teleconsulting Practice!

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