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Start Teleconsulting – Digitize your Hospital – Deliver Personalized Patient Care

QurPro is a care provider-centric, 3 in 1 digital transformation solution designed for your hospital/clinic. The core of the solution is patient health records digitization and data exchange. Patients’ health records are scanned, saved, categorized & tagged. The Teleconsulting feature is simple, convenient, and appointment-driven, which makes a secure one-on-one connection with your patient to deliver a proactive and rich teleconsultation experience. The patient engagement platform, QurBook bridges smart synergy between you and the patient to access their health records and vitals to provide quality patient care.


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Hospital Digitization and Data Exchange

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Patient Monitoring


Integrated Device Readings

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Sheela G
AI-based Converational Health Assistant


Modular Architecture, Secured Solution

QurPro solution is built with multi-layer stacked architecture and cutting edge technology tools, deployed in a highly secured environment with a robust governance framework.

In the coming days, care providers can unleash the convenience of access from any device. Our solution has built-in capabilities for predictive outcomes using industry-best tools and technologies in Data Analytics, AI, ML, NLP, and DNN.







Sheela G
AI-based conversational Health Assistant!

Increased adoption of Artificial Intelligence enabled apps has opened up many real-life use cases to utilize voice commands for process automation.

QurPro's AI-powered Healthcare voice assistant - Sheela G, blends voice commands with AI skills. Just converse with Sheela G, she can instantly facilitate you to access patient records & vitals, manage appointments, reminders with rich notification, and much more.

Patient Profile

Device Reading

Appointment Management


An App for Rich Teleconsulting Experience

QurPro meets the teleconsulting needs from small clinics to large enterprise healthcare providers, expanding the reach right away. Build your virtual practice in just a few minutes. Download the app, set up your profile, notify your patients. You are all set to teleconsult with each of your patients virtually.

  • Setup your own teleconsulting practice
  • Connect with your patients from anywhere
  • Consent-based access to patients health records and vitals
  • Retain your patients, increase revenue, and virtual footfalls
  • Hassle-free end-to-end payment settlement services

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Tap 'n Talk

Pick 'n Prescribe

Health Records Digitization and Data Exchange

With QurPro, you can digitize, synchronize, and securely access patients' health records to improve clinical governance, patient care, and cost benefits.

  • Convert paper-based patients’ health records into digital health records
  • Create customized health record categories and tag the scanned records
  • Selectively share medical records to patients digitally as needed, securely and privately
  • Swift retrieval of health records, improved consultation experience, and enhanced clinical support
  • A secured and regulated environment dedicated to your hospital with a robust data governance framework
  • Reduce CAPEX on storage, infra, and OPEX on other recurring costs

Scan 'n Store

Tap 'n Tag

Click 'n Send

Want to know more about our Digitization Solution? Just click the button and fill out the form. Our digital transformation expert will connect with you.

Patient Engagement App

Your patients will connect with you through the AI-powered QurBook app. From QurPro, you can video-call your patients with a single tap, prescribe medicines online, schedule appointments across multiple time slots, and quickly access patients' health vitals. 

  • Family First! - An App for patients to store, access, and share their family health records
  • Connect and consult virtually with your patients
  • Consent-based access to patients' health records history and vitals
  • Realtime visibility of your appointment calendar
  • Notify your patients on any change of schedule or delay.
  • Communicate with your patients over the chat (text and voice – asynchronous teleconsult)
  • Create and manage prescriptions
  • Interact and deliver personalized care to patients with chronic conditions

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Download the QurPro app now! Start your virtual practice and expand your presence beyond boundaries. Manage appointments, access patients' health records, vitals, medical notes, chats, e-prescriptions, and much more for superior care delivery. Reach out to your existing patients and onboard new patients, increase virtual footfall, and grow your business.

Want to know more about our Teleconsulting Solution? Just fill out the form; our digital transformation expert will connect with you to onboard and set up your virtual practice.

Want to know more about our teleconsulting solution. Just fill out the form, our Digital transformation expert will connect with you to onboard and setup your virtual practice.